July, 2017

Top 5 Web Development Trends In 2020

No matter you own a small business or you are the owner of a huge corporation, you need some type of online portfolio to develop your brand’s credibility.

As the number of business and websites continue to evolve with each passing day, modern trends and technologies are also emerging. In order to beat competition and stand out of the crowd, business owners need to pay extra attention to web development trends 2020.

Staying in touch with modern web development trends do not only enable business owners to make right decisions at the right time, but help them sustain continuously rising competition and increase their knowledge.

And to save your time and effort, we have drafted a concentrated blog on web development trends 2020. Here, we have created an all-round list of modern web development trends after analyzing the current market demands in various fields, from IT to fashion and more.

1. Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

PWA enable you to leverage evolving technology and adapt HTML5 in order to increase your website’s reach and improve its mobile accessibility. In short, it helps you create a website at works like a native mobile app.

PWA differs from conventional apps due to transport layer security, web app manifest files, app shell structure and service worker. A lot of popular brands have switched from traditional websites to PWA; for instance, Uber, Twitter, Pinterest and Forbes.

PWA load instantly and enable your consumers to work offline yet allowing them to perform every function of native app. They have changed the way websites work.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots

AI mimics the intelligence of human beings to enhance the cognitive functions such as data analysis, learning, data collection, multi-tasking etc. AI technological solutions such as chatbots are a prevailing web development trend in 2020.

AI and chatbots are an easy way to address the needs of customer support in an effective way. Moreover, they can offer 24/7 assistance. They can not only improve your relationship with your customers but can organize their inquiries and history for you to offer immediate help.

They can also help you engage leads and establish your reputation in the market. You can easily use this tech to offer increase customer satisfaction, reduce errors, focus on a better use experience and save time, effort and money.

3. WebAssembly

As a business owner, you should never compromise on the performance of your web app. JavaScript can affect user experience, whereas WebAssembly can prove to be a game changer for your business. It can help you compile code of your programming language into bytecode that operates in browser.

WebAssembly offer high-level quality by harnessing the hardware abilities to offer efficient and portable experience, building modular binaries that utilize the exports and imports in a unique manner, supporting non-browser embedding and integrating your already built web portal.

Investing in WebAssembly can prove to be a huge benefit for your business when it comes to boosting the usability and functionality of your web app.

4. Single-Page Applications

Single-page applications lower the reloading needs of web pages via the use of JavaScript to load web content. They do not have any additional waiting time, as you can witness on Gmail and Google applications.

They are also preferred because they offer all the useful information on a single web page – and customers do not want to search for data and information on different pages. In short, single page websites improve user experience.

If possible, users would love to just look at their screen and nod their head to purchase products and services. And who knows, it may become a trend in the near future.

5. Push Notifications

Customers today engage with businesses across a variety of points. Websites or apps that offer push notifications have the ability to reach a wider consumer base, while at the same time, leveraging the advantages of marketing on the web.

They are a powerful web solution for consumers depending on how timely and relevant they are. They can create a direct link for communication between a business and its target audience. Moreover, they have the ability to target specific userbase and can avoid spam while incurring business costs.

However, less is more. Do no overuse them and keep your user base up-to-date with the current events or discounts.

Stay up-to-date with web development trends 2020 to synchronize your business

As the world is advancing with every passing day, these web development trends will also evolve with time. As a whole, 2020 is an enthralling time for modern tech, trends for custom web development.

Want to gain competitive edge? Consider the above-mentioned trends, app them suitably to your business and you are good to rule the market.

Vinay R, Author